We promote such safety rules as ‘Safety first’ and ‘Zero accident’ policy. We reduce the adverse impact on the environment created by our Company.


    Our best specialists have worked in the industry for 10 to 30 years. We eagerly share our knowledge and experience with younger co- workers.


    We deliver high quality products on time.


    We compete on the market by maintaining the highest standards of business ethics.


    We care about steady career development and raising vocational qualifications of our personnel.


    Our relationships with the Clients are based on credibility, reliability and competence.


The private limited company NAFTO was registered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register number KRS 0000326316, initially under the name Energopol Budownictwo.

The company Energopol Budownictwo had been established in 2009 by Energopol TP Elbud S.A. and specialized in civil works. The company, acting as a subcontractor, was taking part in the programme of building motorways before 2012 UEFA European Football Championship in Poland. The company suffered a financial loss due to the bankruptcy of such General Contractors as Covec or Hydrobudowa, which made its owner begin the process of winding up the company.

On 14.06.2013 the Meeting of Shareholders of Energopol Budownictwo took place, during which the following resolutions were approved:

  1. to terminate the liquidation process of Energopol Budownictwo,
  2. to cover the financial loss suffered in previous years,
  3. to increase the company capital from 1 000 000 PLN to 2 000 000 PLN
  4. to appoint the Management Board,
  5. to modify the Articles of Association, including among others its name change to NAFTO,
  6. to appoint the new members of the Supervisory Board.

During the Meeting 100% of shareholders were present and all resolutions were voted in the presence of a public notary and written as the notarial act.
That is to say that by law the above :

  • par. a) and d) come into force at the time of voting, which took place on 14.06.2013,
  • par. b) and c) come into force when the capital is paid in cash, which happened by the end of June 2013,
  • par. e) and f) come into force after the modifications have been registered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register (KRS).

On 14.06.2013 the Management Board filed a formal application to register the a/m resolutions at the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register, which took place on 06.09.2013.

On 03.01.2014 the Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders of NAFTO approved the resolution to move the registration address to Krakow, the place of actual business conduct at 30 Igołomska Str.

The member of NAFTO, which owns 100% of shares remains ETP S.A., headquartered 5a Siemianowicka Str., 40-301 Katowice (previously Energopol TP Elbud S.A.).

It should be emphasized that ETP S.A. guarantees a stable growth of our company.