We promote such safety rules as ‘Safety first’ and ‘Zero accident’ policy. We reduce the adverse impact on the environment created by our Company.


    Our best specialists have worked in the industry for 10 to 30 years. We eagerly share our knowledge and experience with younger co- workers.


    We deliver high quality products on time.


    We compete on the market by maintaining the highest standards of business ethics.


    We care about steady career development and raising vocational qualifications of our personnel.


    Our relationships with the Clients are based on credibility, reliability and competence.

Our offer

NAFTO operates in power generation industry and in all sectors of chemical industry, including particularly refineries, petrochemical and gas plants. We offer the following scope of services:

  • Prefabrication of complete pressure and non-pressure pipings
  • Prefabrication of steelwork of any type and complexity degree, focusing on direct fired heaters and Waste Heat Recovery Units (WHRU’s)
  • Prefabrication of coils for direct fired heaters
  • Modularization of convection modules for direct fired heaters, skids and equipment
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT) of welded joints:
    • VT
    • RT
    • MT
    • PT
    • UT
  • PWHT and HT
  • PMI
  • Corrosion protection
  • Pressure and leak tests
  • Refractory lining
  • Thermal and noise insulation
  • Construction of complete greenfield or brownfield industrial installations comprising, among others, erection of support structures, pipings, equipment and direct fired heaters
  • Levelling and aligning of machines and rotary equipment
  • Construction of complete tank farms and storage tanks, which are used for storing liquids and gases
  • Revamp and renewal of industrial plants during TAR’s