We promote such safety rules as ‘Safety first’ and ‘Zero accident’ policy. We reduce the adverse impact on the environment created by our Company.


    Our best specialists have worked in the industry for 10 to 30 years. We eagerly share our knowledge and experience with younger co- workers.


    We deliver high quality products on time.


    We compete on the market by maintaining the highest standards of business ethics.


    We care about steady career development and raising vocational qualifications of our personnel.


    Our relationships with the Clients are based on credibility, reliability and competence.


The ultimate objective of Nafto Sp. z o.o. operations is to obtain Client satisfaction through rendering professional service, on-time delivery of high-quality products and services by ensuring safe work conditions of employed personnel.

Business development of the Company is based on the following key values:

  • credibility, reliability and competence in relationships with Clients, Employees and Suppliers of Goods and Services
  • carrier development and raising vocational qualifications of personnel
  • implementation of state of the art technology and constant improvement of work methods
  • investing in improvement of workplace safety and active prevention of injuries and accidents
  • taking care of more and more effective environmental protection
  • improving business competitiveness by maintaining the highest standards of business ethics

We carry out the Company Policy considering the listed below, priority objectives:

  • using most up-to-date technology in each phase of contract execution
  • steady development as well as raising competences and vocational qualifications of our personnel
  • demanding high quality standards from our Suppliers, Sub-contractors and Co-operators by using qualification procedures
  • investing in infrastructure and work environment
  • ensuring the highest level of work safety focusing on accident prevention
  • promoting such safety rules as 'Safety first' and 'Zero accident' policy
  • minimizing consequences of potential work accidents by offering an injured employee any possible assistance in regaining health and, if needed, transferring such a person to a different position within the Company
  • constant reduction of the adverse impact on the natural and work environment created by our Company
  • prevention of material and environmental losses by striving for constant improvement in this field of activity
  • achieving satisfactory economical results owing to high efficiency and constant monitoring and optimizing of costs
  • compliance with current legal provisions, labour code, technical standards, good practice and obligation to maintain due diligence
  • observing the principle of “fair play” in business
  • counteract any form of corruption, discrimination and mobbing/li>

The Managing Director has responsibility for executing this Company Policy and supervising the accomplishment of the set Quality and Safety objectives.